Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DC Crime Wave

Capitol Hill: High-crime area - with thousands of cops on the scene

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Theft, muggings, beatings, stabbings, shootings, murder
Once again, Washington, DC, the world's most prominent city, the Capital of the most powerful country in the world, is undergoing a crime wave -- in and around Capitol Hill.
[from purse and cell phone snatching to armed robbery, to beatings and muggings, and murder!]

Not one in a thousand cops available

The latest victim was nearly beaten to death -- on the front porch of a US Senator -- within walking distance of the US Senate!

We have an army of Law Enforcement officers on Capitol Hill, yet crime has increased nearly two-thirds in the last couple of years.

Mayor Gray:  Unconditionally Corrupt  (c) Atlanta Black Star

Crime has been rising in direct relation to the lawlessness and corruption scandals emanating from the Mayor's office -- a situation so egregious that even former Mayor Marion Barry, the king of corruption, has condemned Mayor Gray.

Chief, don't mess with my union thugs!

Gray has undercut DC's famed Police Chief,  Cathy Lanier, and undermined her authority with her unionized police officers, to the extent that she now has difficulty controlling or directing them.  Her senior staff, with Mayor Gray's backing, openly defies her.

We have to assume there is a correlation between Mr Obama's Administration, in which corruption and scandals abound, and DC's wave of corruption and scandal.

Normally, the solution would be to "put more police officers on the scene", or "hire more cops".

Public Safety: Not in their Job Descriptions
Except that there are almost as many police already on Capitol Hill as there are residents and workers.

But, there is no central coordination to link them in their efforts, nor is there an evident interest on the part of these police forces to prevent crime on the streets.

The union response is:  "That's not in my job description!"

Here's a "partial" list of police agencies patrolling Capitol Hill and the federal district of Washington (about 40 blocks).

Available police officers to prevent crime in and around Capitol Hill:  Several thousand.
Visible law enforcement:  Only against political demonstrators.
Overall Crime-Fighting Effectiveness:  Zero!

District of Columbia Police Force                               [3,800 officers; 600 civilians]
US Secret Service (uniformed police)                        [1,300 uniformed officers patrolling DC]
US Capitol Police (Congressional Federal Police)     [1,800 officers]
Federal Protective Service                                         [2,100 employees:  $610 Million budget]
   (Civilian police force for DHS federal buildings)

In addition:

Supreme Court [federal] Police
US Park Police (Patrol National Parks, to include The Mall, monuments,
        all national park service properties in DC and surrounding region)
US Transportation Police (Amtrak/Union Station)
US Smithsonian Police
US State Department Diplomatic Security Service (Police)
US Naval Criminal Investigative Service
US Army Criminal Investigative Command
US Army Military Police
US Air Force Office of Special Investigations
US Coast Guard Investigative Service
US Mint Police

There are roughly 100 cops available to keep an eye on every city block in the federal district portion of Washington, DC.

But, their focus is not necessarily on public safety, but protecting us all from Democracy.

But crime is going up!