Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Evil Doers - Foiled Again!

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Still another stunning victory against international evil-doers.

The Washington Post gives front page coverage to a "successful CIA counter-terrorist operation"
[a story worthy of George Orwell's 1984].

FBI PR Series
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"The latest al-Qaeda bomb plot targeting US aircraft was unraveled from inside the terrorist group by operatives — including an agent who posed as a willing suicide bomber ... penetrating al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen and recovering the explosive device ...  the CIA tracked the bomb’s movements for weeks and then killed suspected plotters in a drone strike after the device was seized."   

What this situation lacks is a video of an Efram Zimbalist, Jr. clone, pulling up to the CIA HQ with a background of patriotic music and flags waving.

[For you younger folks, that was the script for an FBI-sponsored TV series of long ago; today, the CIA uses the Washington Post for its PR campaign.] 
I'd feel less cynical about this latest revelation if so many of the previous "busts" hadn't had the appearance of "entrapment" [i.e., the FBI recruiting a potential terrorist, furnishing him with the materials for a bomb or weapons, creating an attack plan, and then wrapping it all up with a high-visibility arrest of the guy they recruited.

DHS News Team
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The Intelligence Biz seems to have evolved into a Media Circus since Obama has come into office; not that it wasn't already headed down that path since 9/11.    

The steady stream of nonsense stories about counter-terrorist successes tend to be intellectually embarrassing.

Basic rules for the professional Intelligence Biz:
1) Don't publicize your operations -- successful or otherwise.
2) Don't disclose sources and/or methods
3) Don't publicize your source placement [see #2 above]
4) Don't kill off participants; they probably have lots of information on other operatives, cells,    locations,networks, communications systems, etc. There was probably a year's worth of interrogation opportunity destroyed by the "drone strike" [if the event actually occurred]. 
5) Brief the SSCI and the HPSCI in general terms to keep your funding
6) Don't create press releases to show that Homeland Security is "working".

Terrorist Camel with Exploded Cigar
(c) Choss Climbers

This BS story reminds us of the legendary   "camel spotting corps" in the Mojave Desert designed to prevent attacks by marauding Arabs.

It was touted as one of the most successful military operations in history since, during its existence, there was not one successful attack by Arabs in the Mojave!

Of course, there were neither camels nor Arabs in the desert at the time; but, the program was dubbed a success nonetheless.       

Sorry folks.
This "news" story is such a patent piece of journalistic pap that we have to grade it D-  
it's clearly a campaign publicity stunt.

Retired Intelligence professionals around the country must be either laughing, or throwing up at this BS press release.  Once again, the US has become the laughing stock of the world.