Monday, April 2, 2012

Santorum Exit?

Rick, The Pope just called you an idiot! Do you think he's from Pennsylvania?

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Mr Santorum should pay careful attention to the results in Pennsylvania.

Although he was quite a hit with the Southern Evangelicals, Pennsylvania is, after all, his home state.

If the voters there reject him again, chances are he won't be garnering enough votes to win the nomination at the GOP convention -- much less a nod for the VP slot.  Mr Santorum is a fairly bright fellow, but hasn't quite grasped the concept of Separation of Church and State -- and makes even the Pope a little uneasy.

I almost didn't recognize you without your foot in your mouth!
Our original prediction was a Romney/Gingrich ticket, which could still work -- in spite of Newt's harsh words toward Romney.  Newt, unfortunately, suffers from terminal "foot in mouth" disease.

Gingrich did lead Congress in the Contract with America when he was Speaker, which is evidence he understands the US economy -- and how to make Congress function properly.  We're still reaping benefits from Newt's Contract:
Remember: I'm only one heartbeat away

Now, there are those who would say that there are irreconcilable differences between Romney and Gingrich, but,  keep in mind, Obama took Biden in as his VP in spite of all of Biden's accusations that Obama was a lying, cheating sleazebag bucket of corruption -- and now, they're pals and partners.

And Mr Biden will have Mr Obama's back all the way;
one heartbeat away.


We got some 'splainin to do

At this point though, the likely ticket will be Romney/Rubio.  Rubio is a pretty sharp guy; he's done well on Capitol Hill, has few, if any identifiable skeletons in his closet, and does not suffer from "foot in mouth" disease -- yet.  He is the Crown Prince of the Tea Party, so he will also attract those voters. Unfortunately, he has virtually no executive management experience; so, he's not the best back-up for Mitt.

The Latino vote will be critical in this election, but all Latinos don't necessarily identify with -- much less like Cubans.

Now, that may come as a shock to folks who think all Latinos are the same; after all, don't they all come from the same part of the world, and don't they all speak Spanish? 

Most do [some speak Portuguese], but the difference can be as great as that between a New York snob and an Appalachian hillbilly.  Many Latins don't care for Cubans because of a certain Cuban snobbishness they don't like.   So, there is that potential barrier.  Nonetheless, a Latin Vice President, no matter what his heritage, has a certain broad appeal to all Latins, be they of Mexican, Cuban, or Brazilian family.

No Quadroons allowed
Our Latin descendants have as many variations as do North Americans, and almost as many ethnic influences.  During Colonial days, many elites in Latin America even sported a framed Limpieza de Sangre certificate on their walls to prove they weren't of mixed blood. 

[Depending on one's social circle, those certificates can still be viewed in certain offices.]

At the other end the Latin caste system is Brazil, in which families pride themselves on the variety of racial diversity in a single family.

My state is full of both rednecks and intellectuals
Our preference would be to see Virginia's Governor McDonnell on the ticket since he has the executive experience of managing a dynamic state with a highly diverse population.

Southern Virginia, southeast of Richmond, leans to the redneck, while Richmond and Charlottesville are intellectual Cul-de-Sacs from which great minds and a number of US Presidents and notable leaders have emerged.

McDonnell is more in tune with Northern Virginia, home to Liberals in Arlington and Fairfax Counties, and Conservatives in the less urban counties.

He's the kind of guy who can appeal to all voters since he's smart, good looking, an excellent speaker, has managed the Commonwealth of Virginia extremely well by keeping unemployment down and business investment up. 

We don't know if politics or logic will prevail in Romney's final choice; basically, it will come down to which team can beat Obama.