Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama Threatens Supreme Court

"Supreme Court:  An Unelected Group of People who would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law."

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Obama, a self-proclaimed Constitutional Scholar and Professor of Constitutional Law, according to his campaign rhetoric, apparently dismisses the role of the US Supreme Court in the structure of the US Government.

I will destroy the Constitution and the Supreme Court
He refers to the Supreme Court as "... an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law."

"I'm pretty confident this court will recognize that and not take that step."

Sounds like a threat to us.
And, he is beginning to frighten even his former supporters on the Left.

Buried in the Post Partisan portion of the Editorial Page is Ruth Marcus' column about Obama's less-than-veiled threat to the Supreme Court.

Ruth Marcus comments:
"And yet Obama's assault on 'an unelected group of people' stopped me cold.  As the Constitutional Law Professor certainly understands, it is the essence of our governmental system to vest in the Court the ultimate power to decide the meaning of the Constitution -- even if, as the President said, it means overturning 'a duly constituted and passed law'."

House initiates Impeachment; Senate Tries
Mr Obama may have been on the golf course the week or month that his mail-order course covered the role of the Supreme Court as defined by the Constitution.

Had he attended US schools K-12, he'd have learned in a Civics class the three functional parts of the US Government designed as a System of Checks and Balances to ensure the Separation of Power, i.e, no single Branch of Government would be more powerful than the other two -- the Founding Fathers especially did not want a king or a dictator.

1) The Legislative Branch -- creates the laws by which the Government manages
            the country
2) The Executive Branch -- manages the country according to legislation in place --
           and which occasionally sponsors legislation and sends it to Congress for approval.
3) The Judicial Branch -- reviews the legislation to determine if it complies with the
           Court's interpretation of the Constitution.

Mr Obama, having spent so little time in the US educational system, may be unaware that the Supreme Court is appointed [although he appointed two of the Justices (Sotomayor and Kagan)] rather than running for office in the electoral racket.  He apparently feels that the Supreme Court should 'answer to the people' -- but, the Founding Fathers created a Republic, not a Socialist State - to which Mr Obama seemingly aspires.  Thus, the Supreme Court is comprised of individuals selected, approved, and appointed through a painstaking process; once on the Supreme Court, they are no longer subject to political pressure from either of the other two Branches.

The only aberration in that process was when FDR, a Socialist Democrat, tried to expand the size of the Court and pack it with Leftists who would support his New Deal -- thus subjugating the Judicial Branch to the Executive Branch -- and violating the principle of the US Consttitution.
All of my opponents are Racists!

Then again, Mr 0bama has appointed 55 judges to the Federal Courts of Appeals -- ensuring that challenges to his Executive Orders or to ObamaCare would be rebuffed before they reached the Supreme Court.

The Left is correct in fearing President Obama.

The ObamaCare legislation includes clauses which give the President extraordinary and dictatorial powers --  to include manipulating the concept of Interstate Commerce to force citizens, under Criminal Penalty, to purchase healthcare.  [Those who do not have healthcare are now subject to heavy fines and criminal penalties.]

But, while the Supreme Court is getting ready to reject ObamaCare as unconstitutional, Mr Obama's Brown Shirts have been busy trying to take over state law enforcement programs [e.g., DOJ's attempt to dictate to Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, as well as attempting to coerce law enforcement programs in Seattle, Portland (OR), East Haven (CN), Newark, and even in Puerto Rico].

You may recall that he announced in his campaign his intent to form his own paramilitary force -- separate from the Department of Defense.  The provisions for that lie in his ObamaCare legislation.
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We've previously commented on Mr Obama's attempts to control the Internet and Cell Phone communications as well as control access to personal and business cloud computing data storage.



Those who forget history
are doomed to repeat it
We are concerned that Mr Obama is attempting to create an authoritarian government, quietly, one step at a time.

1) Gun Control
2) National Paramilitary Police
3) Alliances with Narcotics Cartels
       [Fast & Furious]
3) Authoritarian legislation
4) Creation of a Police State
4) Supreme Court intimidation
5) Massive inflation [soon to come]

For those who feel we are blowing the indicators out of proportion, we refer you to a brief account of the Weimar Republic.  Wikipedia is a good place to start.

If Ruth Marcus reflects the discomfort of the Left with Mr Obama, it would appear the Left may finally be beginning to take notice of the "Slippery Slope" Mr Obama is preparing.

Today [14 FEB 2016] Supreme Court Justice Scalia was murdered in his bed while on a hunting trip in Texas.  His host, the owner of the ranch [John Poindexter] stated:
"We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head.  His bed clothes were unwrinkled."
US Marshals would not allow an autopsy.