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Thanks to Lisa  de Moraes for this news flash.

"It goes without saying" that Olberman
will go with much saying
You have to hand it Keith; he's an equal opportunity flamer. We're not sure where he's headed, but rest assured, he will continue drawing on his intellectual cesspool to maintain his visibility.

As the king of Left Wing vitriol, he's managed to alienate the Left's least respected [former] politician, Al Gore -- who co-owns, with Joel Hyatt] Current TV, the network which hosted Olbermann.

Keith, who is known and respected for burning bridges, sometimes before crossing them, announced:
"In due course, the truth of the ethics of Mr Gore and Mr Hyatt will come out."

Demonstrating how hot air contributes to Global Warming
Well, we certainly won't argue over Mr Gore's ethics, whom we recall campaigned on mightily, exploiting Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change propaganda campaigns for his personal profit
[we will accept Climate Change, however, as real -- just not Gore's causal relationship].
So, we now have two Leftist extremists battling it out to determine who is the most unethical. 

Now, there's a challenge.

And, Lisa advises that Keith is being replaced by Conservative Elliot Spitzer.   

Spitzer replaces Olbermann
at Current TV 
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You may remember Elliot, he was the guy who came to DC in March 2008 to testify before Congress about the imminent meltdown of Wall Street -- but was outed by AIG's lobbyist for his Mayflower Madame scandal -- derailing his testimony and setting the stage for the US/global financial collapse.
[How's your 401K holding up?]

[We won't argue that Spitzer's personal behavior was questionable; but the timing of his outing by AIG was interesting, given his reason for being in Washington.]

Spitzer had been the only real challenge to Wall Street corruption from 1998 - 2007 as New York's Attorney General.  He prosecuted corrupt corporate executives and Wall Street financiers alike for securities and internet fraud, but was very successful in pursuing computer chip price fixing and investment bank stock price inflation.


Most alarming to the mortgage and insurance industries was Spitzer's investigation into predatory lending practices, fraud at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and ultimately, fraud at AIG.  Last but not least was his suit against Richard Grasso, then-chairman of the NY Stock Exchange over Grasso's extraordinarily massive compensation package.

So, when Spitzer showed up to testify before Congress, politicians like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, pulled out all the stops and rallied the Wall Street forces to destroy Spitzer.

Get rid of the Usury Clause; we're raising Visa rates to 30%
You may recall Frank and Dodd helped the financial industry exploit consumers by protecting Freddie and Fannie from Bush Administration oversight, and removing consumer safeguards such as bankruptcy protection - leaving millions of America's newly unemployed graduates strapped with student loans carrying huge interest rates.  

Frank and Dodd had much at stake to defend in the face of Spitzer's looming testimony.


Let's hope Elliot will bring the focus back to the Fed's $16 Trillion money laundering scheme on which we reported a while back:

We look forward to Mr Spitzer's broadcast's, and hope he'll work with us to disclosing all the details of the Fed's money laundering scheme.