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Israel vs US?

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Fair is Fair:

Now that Mr Netanyahu has demanded that the US Congress defy our elected Chief Executive as well as to challenge our foreign and domestic policy, we feel it only fair that the favor be returned by our esteemed ally.

Will Knesset Allow Obama to Dictate Policy?    [Wikimedia]
Perhaps the Labour Party and the Centrist Kadima could invite Mr Obama to address the Knesset where he could condemn Mr Netanyahu for his lack of respect for the US and his attempt to induce the US into still another Middle East war [with Iran] in which more of our soldiers could die or be mutilated.

But, would the Knesset gush and swoon and repeatedly give standing ovations to Mr Obama as our obsequious US Congress did for Mr. Netanyahu?  Well, perhaps not, since the US has no influence in Israel -- political or otherwise.

But, does that really matter in the realm of Middle East diplomacy?

Sam Sheinbeing - Aspiring Serial Killer?
Now, in concert with Mr Netanyahu's demand for the release of spy/murderer Johathon Pollard, Mr Obama could demand the extradition of young Mr Samuel Sheinbein, the US lad who was convicted of torturing to death, dismembering, and burning the body of Alfredo Enrique Tello, Jr -- a teen-age artist in Montgomery County [MD] who thought of Sam as his friend.

Mr. Sheinbein's weaponry included a stun gun, a sawed off shotgun, and a power saw.

According to Needle, his co-conspirator, Tello's murder was merely "practice" for a series of murders he was planning for other friends and acquaintances.

Following his identification as the murderer by Needle, Sheinbein's co-conspirator, Sam's dad, Sol, declared Sam an instant citizen of Israel -- and packed him on a plane for Tel Aviv, where he was met by his brother, complete with a bottle of wine, and a female "escort" to help him through his moment of  grief and deep remorse for the savage murder of his teen-age Latino friend.

The heinous crime and manipulation of Israeli law was enough to turn the stomachs of the ADL [Anti Defamation League], whose Director stated that Sheinbein should be extradited for US trial.

Although lower courts declared him eligible for extradition to the US, an appeal to Israel's Supreme Court kept him safe and comfy in Israel where he was tried, convicted, and incarcerated with a relatively light sentence -- we assume because his victim was merely a Latino -- of consequence in the US, but of no political consequence in Tel Aviv.

Tellos' body was so mutilated it was difficult to identify as human
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Oddly,  Aaron Needle, Sheinbein's co-conspirator in the torture/ dismemberment/burning of Tello in the Sheinbein family garage, "committed suicide" in jail just before he was to testify to the full extent of Sheinbein's detailed murder scheme.  

Sol Sheinbein, a prominent Washington patent attorney, was disbarred in the US and emigrated to Israel, where he functions as a patent law "advisor" to Israeli law firms.

The incident caused as much turmoil in both the US and Israel as did the Jonathon Pollard case.

The Latin community in Washington and the rest of the country was outraged that Sheinbein escaped US justice through a simple international legal maneuver ending in a plea bargain and a relatively mild sentence.   Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney called the case the most horrific in his 26 year career. The Israeli Court apparently thought it relatively insignificant, but gave him a nasty slap on the wrist -- for bringing negative attention to Israel.

Sheinbein's tough incarceration includes 24 - 48 hour Hufshas [i.e., vacations]. and conjugal visits beginning immediately after his incarceration.  He is eligible for parole in two years -- for good behavior, so we might see him walking the streets of Tel Aviv soon.

The Knesset was so embarrassed by the Sheinbein case that they passed legislation requiring that individuals must have some "residential connection" before declaring citizenship and demanding refuge from US or other foreign law.  So, at least visit Israel before you claim citizenship -- and do it before you go on a killing spree of annoying goyim in the US. 

HOPE - CHANGE:    Take your choice
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So, when can we expect that invitation for Mr. Obama to visit Israel to address the Knesset?