Thursday, March 1, 2012

Genocide: Now in South Africa?

Apartheid ended; Mandela is dead; now, a role reversal?

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We've been advised that South Africa is gradually exploding following Nelson Mandela's death.
We are noticing a spree of related crimes here in the US now by the Black Lives Matter thugs, though our situation in the US cannot compare to the horrors we've noted in South Africa.

It's not politically correct to report on such things, but, 
then again, we're neither MSM nor are we politically correct.

ANC Youth League -- still strong 25 years later.
According to a variety of reports and rumors [both questionable and reputable], there have been plans underway for quite some time for a planned genocide of Whites following Mandela's death.

These plans were reportedly created and developed by the local SACP [South African Communist Party], with early assaults to be conducted by the ANC Youth League.

Although the rumors have been around for years -- they are gaining credence now that Mandela has died.

The reports have been downplayed by local politicians as "fantasy by Right Wing Militants", perhaps along the lines of Hillary Clinton's reference to the "Vast, Right Wing Conspiracy" in the US.  The operations carry various names, such as "Operation Vula", "Night of the Long Knives", "Operation White Clean-up", etc.

The rumors have gained traction of late since the ANC has been pressing to disarm the population and has legislated severe penalties for anyone using a weapon to protect person or property.

Night of the Long Knives Poster
Since Mandela remained in relatively good health, the rumors until recently have been low-key.  For the moment, South Africa is immersed in the postmortem beatification process of Mr Mandela; that will end shortly, and Whites will likely become targets.

Unease among Whites increased when the Mandela was hospitalized for "... a minor exploratory procedure to investigate persistent abdominal pain."  The hospitalization was brief, and Mandela returned home and "... and resumed his normal day-to-day life."  Mandela reportedly cautioned his followers to behave.

But, while Mandela was in his peace-keeping phase, his second wife, Winnie had morphed into a firebrand and jailed on terrorism charges for instigating riots in Soweto.  She took a dim view of "traitors" and decreed that South African Blacks would be freed "with our matchboxes and "necklacing".  Coincidentally, suspected "traitors" were burned alive via necklacing [hanging a tire filled with gasoline around the neck of a victim and burning him alive].  The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission found her to be "... politically and morally accountable for ... the murder, torture, abduction and assault of numerous men, women, and children."  These events were not included in the films Winnie Mandela and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  She remains a major influence in the ANC -- and she has made no secret of her hatred for Whites.

Whites in South Africa have been on edge over these perceived threats for some time, and look to Zimbabwe [formerly Rhodesia] where President Mugabe confiscated White farms and other real estate, and authorized the execution of Whites who resisted.

President for Life Mugabe
Mugabe succeeded in isolating Zimbabwe and driving out White farmers and businesses -- and the country is now in economic collapse.

Still fresh in the memories of both Whites and Blacks are Mugabe's Matbeleland Massacres in which he used his North Korea trained Fifth Brigade to torture and slaughter as many as 3,000 of his opponents.

Whites have been routinely murdered by Blacks, although the local police tend to ignore these killings since they fear retribution from the marauding Blacks.  As a result, most Whites are armed and reside in guarded compounds.

The story of Amy Biehl is not unusual.

Anti-Apartheid Activist
A 26-year old White Stanford University graduate student, Fulbright Scholar and an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, she was driving her Black friends home to Guguletu township when a group of youths -- chanting "one settler, one bullet" stoned the car, injuring Ms Biehl.

Bleeding, she fled the car but was cornered by the youths who stoned and stabbed her to death -- despite the pleas of her Black friends.  The killers were later arrested and their defense was that all Whites were the enemies of Blacks. South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission pardoned the killers as they felt that:
".. a politically motivated killing was justified."

Since the 1950s, there have been several major events in Sub-Saharan Africa in which thousands of innocents, White and Black, were slaughtered in the name of "democracy and freedom" as well as just simple genocide.

Mau Mau Rebels
Kenya is notable for the Mau Mau uprising in which an estimated 50,000 Africans, Asians, and Europeans were killed. 

Barack Obama's grandfather was supposedly incarcerated and tortured by British Colonial police for his role in these events [in reality, his incarceration for theft took place three years before the rebellion].  This legacy is reputedly the basis for Obama's deliberate insult to England when he returned the bust of Churchill to the British Embassy in Washington.

Rwanda, in 1994, was the genocidal scene of an estimated 500,000 - 1,000,000 persons of all races.  to include the slaughter of European UN troops.

The Akazu, the Hutu power group, orchestrated the pre-planned Tutsi genocide through the national government and military, and whipped the Hutu population into a frenzy through the print and broadcast Media.

There were a number of other bloodbaths of lesser scale in southern Africa, although most of the fighting was tribal with Blacks killing Blacks rather than Blacks against Whites.

Even with that history, Whites in South Africa seem outwardly to dismiss the rumors.  Among themselves though, they discuss the potential for violence following Mandela's death, and anticipate the possibility that South Africa will collapse into civil war.  The firebrands, to include Winnie Mandela, were kept in check by Nelson Mandela's stature and societal status as a moral leader.  Absent his moral leadership, there is little or nothing to prevent a purge of the White South Africans.

Many have emigrated; many more are planning to emigrate, taking with them their skills, companies, and employment for Black Africans.

As a footnote; keep in mind that South Africa is a "Nuclear Power" -- having created and detonated a nuclear weapon in 1979, reportedly with the advice and assistance of the Israelis.  But, we're sure that such a capability will not pose a threat to the region.

Since the publication of this post several years ago, the rate of torture and murders in South Africa has increased exponentially.  White farmers have been forced off their farms and were targeted for murder by Blacks -- with the full support of the ANC.   The US Media takes the position that the White farmers took the land from Blacks illegally, a century ago, so the Whites should give up the land!  [Sound familiar?]

Many are seeking asylum in the US and Australia, where they will be welcomed as productive immigrants who can make a contribution and perhaps speak out on the issues of Open Border immigration by Illegals.