Wednesday, February 1, 2012

US DOJ Poised to destroy Megadata files

Is this Attorney General Eric Holder and staff en-route to destroy the Internet ?          (c)

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The Associated Press reports that "... Megaupload user's data could be deleted as soon as Thursday."

As we've reported earlier, Megaupload, in addition to serving as a conduit to download pirated material, also functioned as a Cloud Server and Data Storage Site, storing trillions of data and image files for 50 million users every day.

As it turns out, Megaupload contracted with other companies to actually store the data on remote "server farms"-- to include Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications Group, both in the Dulles IT corridor outside Washington, DC.

Government prosecutors advised that they had "... copied some data from the servers, but did not physically take them."   Megaupload's attorney is working to block the company files from being erased, and advised that he hoped the US Government "... should have a common desire to protect consumers."

If the AP report is accurate, and Megaupload data files are deleted, it would appear the DOJ violates the law by, among other issues, by destroying evidence.
a)  How does Megaupload defend itself in court
b)  Millions of Megaupload clients will lose their personal and business files stored on the "Cloud."

There should be cause for concern by other clients of Carpathia and Cogent, which reportedly seem ready to start deleting Megaupload's client files.   Cogent customers include major law firms, entertainment companies, and top universities; Carpathian's clients include a major federal contractor, software companies, and medical suppliers. 

Don't worry.  DOJ will give you a receipt for your deleted files.
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Why the rush to delete evidence -- and unrelated personal and business files?

Is the Obama system where no one is privy to the government process until it's a done deal?

Using the DOJ logic in seizing Megaupload's content, could the data of Carpathia and Cogent clients be at risk of DOJ seizure as well, since Megaupload's files reside on the same cloud servers?

Client companies might want to start paying attention to this cloud destruction process.  
Cloud Storage Industry?

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Ask your IT manager which cloud company is hosting your data.

Once again, it appears that this Administration's concept of creating jobs seems to be restricted to building police forces and prison guards -- to keep all the newly unemployed from causing too much trouble.

What's next?
Book burning?