Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nuclear Budget Explosion

Mutual Deterrence - Mutual Arms Reductions  --  It made sense!

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We have more Nukes than targets

For those Cold Warriors still out there, you may remember the START [STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty] which obligated the US and Russia to reduce their respective arsenals of nuclear warheads.  The US still has more than 5,000 of these firecrackers, which would likely be more than enough to blow up Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Iran.

That's not counting the plethora of artillery warheads parked in European bunkers on the off-chance that the Russians come charging through the Fulda Gap, the scenario all West Pointers have been trained on since 1947.

Now THAT's an Obama-Era Cost Overrun!

So, we question why the Energy Department is creating the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement-Nuclear  Facility [CMRR], "a single unfinished building in New Mexico nuclear complex ... to build plutonium components for new atomic bombs".

The building was originally estimated to cost $375 million in 2001, but now, with Obama's funding, it is expected to cost up to $5.9 Billion -- for one-half of the original plant.

A 2008 Congressional report advises:
"...the complex has no coherent mission to justify it unless the decsiion is made to begin an aggressive new nuclear warhead design and pit production mission at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Adam Weinstein interprets the mission as building "new nukes at a time when we're supposed to be cutting our nuclear arsenal, not expanding it."

A Los Alamos memo advises: "The primary mission of CRMM will be to support the current nuclear weapons stockpile through surveillance and life-extension programs necessary for the nuclear weapons complex."

Hmm, and why move all our weapons to one location so that a single strike can wipe out our entire arsenal?

Oops!  Was that our entire nuclear arsenal?

That doesn't quite reconcile with our old [but very effective] strategic concept of dispersing our strike capability to prevent a devastating single strike from destroying our retaliatory capability.

We used to call that "Mutual Deterrence."  

Are we adopting the French battle cry of

"We surrender!"?

But, that would tie in with Obama's concept of
Leading from Behind.

The Project on Government Oversight estimates the facility won't be operational before 2023.

So, is this another Obama shovel-ready job program, or, a Solyndra spin/rip-off?

We stand in awe of this President who has managed to figure out more ways to increase our national debt on projects which create neither product or jobs, but continues to put us at risk!

Pocket change!