Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Buck Stops --- Anywhere But Here!

Tough to figure out the bad guys these days (c)

With the legacy of Pine Ridge/Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, WacoElián González,
and now, Fast & Furious,  we have to wonder about the Department of Justice [DOJ] and its leadership.

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Today, the Washington Post announced the findings of the Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

The Democrats concluded that neither the DOJ nor the Administration bore any responsibility for the actions of the ATF, and blamed all the problems on the Phoenix ATF office.

Get off my back, Brewer, or I'll sick my posse on you.

Phoenix,of course, is in Arizona, where Governor Jan Brewer [R] has been a vehement critic of the ATF, the DOJ, and the Administration.

You may recall that ATF's Fast & Furious program fed roughly 2,000 automatic weapons into Mexican Drug Cartels, supposedly to track where they went.

Oddly, it turned out that all the weapons ended up with Mexican Drug organizations, who then used the weapons to kill each other, innocent Mexicans and Americans, and ATF agents.

That apparently makes the program a "success" by ATF/DOJ standards.

Representative Issa [R-CA], Chairman of the House Oversight and Governance Committee, has grown weary of DOJ's stonewalling his investigation.  Issa subpoenaed all documentation related to the Fast & Furious program; and DOJ produced 80,000 documents, but turned over only 6,000 to Issa's Committee, restricting the remaining 72,000 documents to the DOJ Inspector General
[we assume the DOJ shredding machines are working 24/7 now].

Issa is now threatening to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress for failing to deliver the subpoenaed documents.

One interesting statement in the Democrats' report was that the ATF's aggressive [and illegal] actions were taken because the US Attorney's office in AZ was not aggressive enough in its prosecutions.

They omitted the fact that the US Attorney's Office is a subsidiary of the Attorney General's Office.
The conclusion is that the DOJ took illegal actions because the DOJ was not performing its functions adequately.
Grab me again and I'll show YOU Fast & Furious!
(c) Politico

[Makes as much sense as all the rest of the illegal activities in this Administration]
Now, please don't get the idea that we believe ATF is a rogue, out-of-control organization and the agents are all criminals.  Absolutely not!

The reason this scandal was revealed was because ATF field agents were appalled at the actions of their superiors and the decisions made at the DOJ level to continue Fast & Furious even after the Bush Administration discredited the operational concept.

This was a case where we find a DOJ bureaucratic hierarchy ready and willing to violate the law, but, when things went sour, the leadership denied all knowledge and blamed it on a low echelon fall guy.

Back when I was a military commander, it was expected that the senior officer follow the basic Leadership tenets, one of which was to distribute praise for all successes,
and to take responsibility for the failures.

Mr Holder apparently never served in the military.

[Did anyone in this Administration (other than Petraeus) ever serve in the Military?]