Thursday, February 9, 2012

Attorney General Holder Threatens Congressman Issa

I am the Attorney General.  I'll decide which laws
to enforce, and who is guilty.   I am above the law! 
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We'll watch this battle between Congress and the Attorney General very closely.

In the past, Congressional inquiries have forced Attornies General of both Parties to provide subpoenaed documents to determine if the Administration had violated laws and the Constitution.

To date, all previous Administrations, Republican and Democrat, have complied.

That's known as the Separation of Power in our Government.  The Legislature makes the laws, the Executive Branch "enforces" the Law, and the Judicial Branch interprets the law, as well as guilt or innocence.

Although the results have not always been to the satisfaction of all parties, the process prevents one element from gaining and wielding too much power, or abusing the power and authority with which it is invested. And, the American Public is relieved that the Balance of Power continues to work.

During Congressional Oversight hearings into the "Fast & Furious" operations by ATF/DOJ, Congressman Darrell Issa demanded to know why Attorney General Holder had refused to honor the subpoena and was withholding 30,000 documents, to include explanations of illegal wiretaps conducted by the DOJ -- which had been leaked to Issa's committed by DOJ whistle blowers.

Holder's response:

          "To the extent that those wiretap applications have been shared... If I find, if I find that
            someone in the US DOJ has shared the contents of wiretap applications, that is something

            that will be looked at ... Anyone who read or submits that information for people to look
            at does so at their peril."

Issa responded that Members of Congress are not subject to the court order which sealed the applications in question; he also noted that whistle blowers are protected in these situations.

Holder's response/threat:

You act at your peril if you think that's the truth."

Sorry Mr Holder; that's not only the Truth; it's the LAW!
Mr. Holder, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the Law!
Congress is poised to hold the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress.
His -- and the Administration's abuse of power, if not checked by Congress, will lead this country further down the path to a Police State.

Holder's recent assaults on the free flow of information on the Internet, warrantless searches and seizures, and restrictions on Freedom of Speech are eroding the Constitution, and leading us to a repeat of the Weimar Republic's shift to a Nazism.

We wish Congressman Issa well in his hearings, and trust that Mr. Holder will be removed from his position in which he has brought disgrace to the Department of Justice.

We also have to wonder where the MSM is in covering this process.  Or does the Law apply solely to GOP appointees?