Saturday, January 21, 2012

Your Cloud Computing Files Now Belong to the Government

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This notice on Google, Wikipedia, Fox sites
AND, on your Cloud Storage sites

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We haven't seen the Department of Justice so out of control since the days of Janet Reno
when she authorized and supervised execution by sniper at Ruby Ridge and mass murder at Waco.  
It's time to put the cuffs on Holder and read him his rights. [Believe me, he has no idea what his rights are since he presumes he is above the law, as is this entire Administration]

Eric Holder shut down with the accusation of piracy.  In fact, there is likely some substance to that charge persons using that link were able to download pirated intellectual property -- which is illegal. 
As attorney Kimball Corson explained:  ...confiscation of illegal copies made in violation of copyright laws requires a warrant that, in turn, requires a credible showing, subject to immediate rebuttal, that the copies to be seized are illegal.

Moving from paper copyrighted materials to copyrighted digital files, allows for seizure of all media containing them, which would gut the business

The principal of this seizure would  allow DOJ to seize the property of FedEx because some of its clients use the service to ship illicit material.

In the process of shutting down a legitimate web site, Holder shut down a Cloud Computing/Storage service, hosting millions of private, completely legitimate files, the property of individual citizens, private companies, and local governments  -- none of whom can now access their "previously private" data. 

In the case of individuals, the files consisted of everything from family photos to tax records, to critical legal documents. 

For companies, the data seized -- and now inaccessible, consisted of privileged client information, order and delivery and inventory information, medical records -- test results, tax information, and general archived information on clients.

For local governments, it includes confidential police files, welfare data, and massive archive materials.

The Cloud website was seized without warrant, without due process, without regard to the full impact this action would have on privacy issues, commerce, or lost jobs as companies have to shut down in the absence of client data.

It also promises to shut down a burgeoning new industry in Cloud Computing, in which millions of terabytes of data are stored for clients of every stripe.  This is a growing industry which employs hundreds of thousands of workers, and on which there is great reliance by industry, charities, and of course, every branch of the government -- to include Congress. 

Imagine this comment:
"Well Senator, if you want your files back, you'll need to submit your request through the appropriate channels to Mr Holder.  After he processes your request in a few weeks, he'll ask President Obama to release your files (heh heh)."

It's time for Congress to step up and start acting to protect its constituents from this Administration -- and to hold Attorney General Holder accountable for his illegal activities.

The alternative is to allow this criminal with a badge to continue abusing his position, the result of which could be the demise of the Internet -- and the digital economy.

Does Obama's JOBS PROGRAM include destroying one of the fastest growing industries in the world?