Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vote Early - Vote Often -- in New Hampshire


"Dead men can tell no tales - but they can vote in New Hampshire."

Project Veritas [which exposed the ACORN fraud and NPR's political action arm] went to New Hampshire to cover what is considered the bellwether Primary for every Presidential election.  Generally, the top vote-getters in this Primary election will likely be the Party's choice for President and Vice President in the coming election.

So, we assume this to be a carefully monitored election, free of fraud.
And, we know that's true because New Hampshire's state slogan is "Live Free or Die!"

Heavy stuff.

But, now we've learned that New Hampshire's Primary is no less corrupt than Chicago's elections.

Well, we can't say there's ballot stuffing by union goons.

But, as in the famous Texas tradition of gravestone voting [which brought LBJ to the Senate in 1948 by a margin of only 87 votes], the NH Primary rules allowed anyone registered to vote in NH to choose the GOP Presidential candidate -- whether they be Republican, Democrat, Independent, or even a fringe group like the American Communist Party.

So, in essence, New Hampshire registered Democrats theoretically could select the GOP Presidential candidate; which, may be how Ron Paul ended up with almost 23% of the vote compared to Mitt Romney's 39%, blowing away Huntsman, Gingrich, and Santorum in the process.

This distortion is a blot on the electoral process, negating the validity of holding a Primary of either Party in New Hampshire; but, now, we have the Project Veritas video of the election process in which

  1. No identification checks were required or made
  2. Deceased voters were listed on the registration records
  3. Registrars made no effort to verify the person picking up the ballot was the actual voter
  4. Bogus voters could displace the real voter by claiming that identity -- with no verification.

The Project Veritas [PV] video shows that the registrars were not concerned that a 20-something voter was taking a ballot registered to an 85 year old man who had died several years before.  Rather than an isolated incident, the PV folks repeated the action with several different registrars in the name of a variety of deceased voters.

We also note that a lot of folks, to include high school kids, were bused in from Massachusetts and other states, and we have to wonder how many of them voted the ballots of deceased NH voters.

Or, for that matter, how many of the thousands of Media People voted for deceased NH voters.

So, what is the validity, if any, of this Primary other than as a MSM stage show for the national viewership to accept the nominal winner as the People's Choice.

Florida will be a GOP-only registered voter Primary, so it will be a more realistic vote; on the other hand, South Carolina requires no voter ID, and the MSM is already down there recording anyone they can find who will say they're unemployed or they don't like Republicans.

The GOP leadership chastised and penalized Florida for moving its Primary forward to compete with New Hampshire.  Given that New Hampshire's Primary is totally meaningless, perhaps it's time for the GOP leadership to stay out of the process altogether.