Friday, January 20, 2012

SOPA -- The End to Free Speech?

SOPA - Congress' Solution to Free Speech

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Now that SOPA has been derailed [at least temporarily, we have more legislation coming from Congressman Lamar Smith [R-TX], which will enable the Government to tell you what you can talk about, or look at on the internet.

Like a Big Brother, the Government is there to help you.
Smith's campaign for Government Thought Control continues with his introduction of the
Protect Children From Online Pornographers Act of 2011,

On the surface, it sounds wonderful, until you read the details.

Consider these components: 

It would require:

Internet Service Providers [ISP] to capture credit card data, bank statements, IP [Internet Protocol (the communication network linkage)] information and search history from every user and keep it on hand for 18 months.

It authorizes:

1) Access to an individual's internet history without "probable cause" and merely on the basis of "suspicion" of wrong-doing [not clearly defined]

2) Searches without a warrant  -- so, what the Government can't get under the Patriot Act, or the NDAA, it can obtain via this legislation.

How it works
Your personal data would be retained by the Government, with all its usual security precautions [hackers penetrated DOD, HHS, DHS, CIA, and DOJ, but your data is safe]. 

Any law enforcement official would have access, including your local deputy sheriff, your friendly neighborhood cop, or, any  law enforcement agency with a Need to Know, or a private security firm.

Are you worried yet?

A Quick Review of how all your Constitutional Rights can be suspended:

The Patriot Act
Suspends any and all Constitutional Rights for Terrorists or their supporters, to include Habeas Corpus, Right to Counsel, Trial by Jury, etc. 
-- But, that applies only to Foreigners, unless you're a US terrorist.

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the President or a military commander to define or designate a US person as a terrorist, and authorizes:

1)  Assassination of US Citizens
2)  Indefinite Detention3)  Arbitrary Justice (the President decide the trial venue)
4)  Warrantless Searches
5)  Secret Evidence for prosecutions (withheld from defendants)  
6)  Prosecution of civilians for ill-defined War Crimes; federal officers are immune)
7)  Secret Courts [i.e., Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA)]
8)   Immunity from Judicial Review for federal agents and judges who violate federal law.
9)   Continuous electronic surveillance of citizens in general for "National Security.
10)  Extraordinary Rendition (moving US citizens to another country for interrogation)
The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act [aka: ObamaCare]

Authorizes the Private Army Obama outlined in his 2008 campaign, established as an adjunct to the Public Health Service (PHS), answerable only to the President, activated during a Public Health National Emergency [e.g., the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009 -- which evaporated after Sibelius was sworn in as Secretary of HHS]. 

Page 1,312, Sec. 5210. Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps.
Subtitle D–Enhancing Health Care Workforce Education and Training
Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204)
 is amended to authorize A Commissioned Corps and Ready Reserve Corps

The CDC, which now reports directly to the President, can declare a National Health Emergency, which gives the PHS authority over US military forces to maintain order and to enforce quarantines (see the movie Outbreak for details on how that would work).

Be on the alert for a CDC-declared National Health Emergency [e.g., another flu pandemic] in October.