Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"I'll deal with the problem after I have dinner"

The Captain's Private Launch Took Him to the Comfort of Shore [(c) IBTimes]

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According to informed sources:

1) The ship's captain ordered dinner from the kitchen an hour AFTER the ship hit the rocks.  His dinner included wine, plus a song from the ship's musical group.

2)  The captain steered the ship close to the rocks so his chief steward could wave to his friends on land.

3)  After finishing his dinner, the captain left the ship via motor boat, arrived on land, which is where the Italian Coast Guard [ICG] was finally able to reach him by cell phone.  While on land, he advised the ICG that he was  still on the ship, supervising the evacuation.

4)  The crew apparently had little training and contributed to the passengers' chaos in abandoning ship.

5) There were likely a large number of unregistered passengers aboard, likely smuggled on by crew members.  So far, 16 bodies have been recovered, with 16 known passengers missing.

In the CNN story, the captain claims that he ran the ship aground "... to keep it from sinking."
[We assume this would have been before he had dinner.]

Another excerpt from the CNN story:

"In the [ICG] transcript, [Captain] Schettino also described the chaos, saying he helped passengers onto lifeboats and that some became stuck because of the angle of the listing ship. He said he was trying to launch a lifeboat when he realized he was no longer on board.

" 'I was then on the lifeboat. It isn't as if I had boarded it,' he said. 'Look, I fell on its roof.'
"It's not my fault!"  [(c)]
"However, in the [Italian Prosecutor's] wiretapped conversation, Schettino tells the friend, "When I understood that the ship was tilting, I decided to leave, and left," according to Corriere della Sera [Milan's Evening Courier newspaper]."

Capt Francesco Schettino's recorded radio conversation with the ICG/Port Authority

[ICG officer] "And with 100 people still on board, you abandon ship? [expletive],"  

[Schettino] "I didn't abandon any ship... because the ship turned on its side quickly and we were catapulted into the water."

[ICG Officer] "...get back on board for [expletive]'s sake!" 

This conversation speaks for itself.