Friday, January 20, 2012

GOP Death March

We can mark an X on Rick Perry now.

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This has become a campaign of unimaginable proportions, not so much for its size, but rather the incredible amount of fumbling, stupid remarks, vicious attacks on each other, and ultimately, playing into the hands of the Democrats -- which, of course, delights the DNC and the campaign managers of Barack Obama.

Krauthammer's column expresses the astonishment of the Conservative community over the capacity of these candidates to lay the groundwork for an Obama victory come November.

The Iowa fiasco produced inaccurate vote counts in 131 precincts!- - awarding the "win" to Romney instead of Santorum.

In the New Hampshire Primary Fraud, busloads of Democrats from surrounding states voted to select the GOP Presidential candidate.  No IDs are required to vote; and deceased voters voted.

In SC's Primary, Democrats and Independents can also vote for their favorite GOP candidate, making the results just as meaningless as those in NH.

Rick Perry, suffering from terminal Foot in Mouth disease ["Turkey ruled by 'Islamic Terrorists' "] denounced Turkey, our strongest ally in the Muslim world; it stood by the US for the last 70 years.

Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum are condemning Romney because he is RICH!  Since when has the GOP taken up the OWS mantra!

People like Romney risk their capital to make money, or lose money -- thus the low tax rate; it's an incentive for investors to take that risk and launch, or salvage companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, NetFlix, Yelp, AOL, etc.  On such successes, Venture investors made huge profits, paying 15% in Capital Gains Tax!

Capital investment also went into thousands of failed companies; and investors suffered huge losses.  But, the IRS allows them to write off only $3,000 per year against any gains they earned.

Win or lose,  it's how companies get the money they need to grow -- and hire more employees, buy goods and services and pay more in taxes.  It's how the US economy expands.

Does the GOP now advocate Socialism and condemn Capitalism?

When Romney appeared at the Heritage Foundation, he was smooth, articulate, low-key, and fully responsive to any question from the floor; delivering with aplomb and skill.  
Now, he stutters, he stammers, his voice has become shrill, and he responds like a deer in the headlights! 

Does his staff prep him for these appearances?  He's been at this campaign process for more than five years.  If he can't project confidence and respond without sounding defensive, he won't win!  It's as simple as that.

Is this a Death March where the GOP surrenders to Obama in November?