Friday, January 27, 2012

Global Warming or Climate Cycle?

North America's Ice Storm

Global Warming seems to be creeping back into the MSM commentary again in conjunction with our unusual weather patterns of late.  Since the MSM seems to like to simplify complex issues -- particularly if the spin can be directed against Conservatives, I am creating this blog as a means of educating the tiny segment of the population that I call "my readership."  [Feel free to share this with your Liberal friends.

There's a general consensus that Global Warming 
is based more on political rhetoric than on scientific fact.

Human pollution is a factor, but the volcanic eruptions in the last few years have layered the Earth's atmosphere with far more CO2 and Sulphuric Acid vapor [which degrade the Ozone Layer] than man-made pollutants.

That's not an argument against reducing man-made pollutants and the Green Movement though; we do need to reduce man-made pollution; perhaps we could persuade the Chinese to NOT export all their pollution to the Pacific Northwest via the Trade Winds.

Rather than Global Warming, we are in the midst of Climate Change, over which we have no control; we can only take adaptive measures.

What causes Climate Change -- Cycles?

Short answer:  The Earth is changing its orientation to the Sun, again.

In a little over 100 years, the Magnetic North Pole has moved Northwest by about 1,000 miles. Up until 2000, that shift had been at roughly five miles per year. Recently, the pace has advanced to about 25 miles  per year, or about one degree [69 miles] every three years.  Currently, the Magnetic North Pole is located at 85° 54′ 0″ N147° 0′ 0″ W.

That's significant!

Migration of the Magnetic North Pole
[2 degrees in the last ten years]
The result is that the Polar Ice Cap has tilted towards the Sun and has been melting for a number of years. 

That, in turn, raises the temperature of the water, and changes weather patterns originating from the North Pole; thus delivering our odd weather in the last ten years [massive tornadoes, mega-hurricanes, warm weather in winter, brutal summers, droughts, etc.]  

So, what causes the shift in Earth's Magnetic Poles?  The National Geographic advises the Earth's Core is solid iron surrounded by swirling molten metal, acting as a "dynamo", much like a generator creates electricity.  

As the Sun generates Sun Spots and Plumes, it exerts different gravitational pulls on the Earth's Core, shifting its Axis.

Tsunamis can result from
 sea-bed "thrust-fault" earthquakes

The flux in the Magnetic Core also affects the Earth's surface, causing shifts in the tectonic plates.  

Recently, we've experienced unusual earthquake activity in which the plates, rather than one sliding over the other, smashed against each other -- causing massive earthquakes felt over a thousand square miles -- as in Virginia's 2011 quake [which impacted the area between South Carolina to  Michigan.] 

There is speculation that the unusual events which caused the bizarre deaths of thousands of blackbirds and fish, along with extremely movements of snakes in the Southeastern United States not long before the Virginia earthquake may have been an indicator -- although the jury is still out on that.

These odd earthquakes can occur as undersea "thrust fault" events, which would create tsunamis such as the ones striking Indonesia and Thailand in 2004 and Japan in 2011.

John McPhee, in his Annals of the Former World [an enjoyable and highly readable geology treatise] notes that the Earth's magnetic field had reversed itself  [North to South, South to North]  at least 20 times since the late Miocene period [about 20 million years ago].  Geologists believe the Earth may be currently undergoing one of these reversals.  At one degree every five years, it won't take long before the Equator straddles the US, giving Global Warming theorists a boost.  

Then again, the US might eventually occupy a position as the South Pole,  which would cause no end of consternation to Al Gore and his Global Warming followers.

So, is this a possibility?  
We now come to a fairly bizarre phenomenon, which seems to be the elephant  in the living room for our federal geologists and weather analysts.
How the Moon Used to Look

Is this affecting our view of the Moon? 

We've recently seen very unusual Moon phases.  

Normally, the Moon's phases display in a vertical crescent, as would appear on an outhouse door.  

Photo by Rick Francona 1/25/2012 in Oregon

Currently, the Moon's crescent is seen on the bottom, rather than the side, indicating perhaps that our angle of view has been altered; perhaps from the shift of the Magnetic North Pole?

We're not geologists, and thus don't know the answer.  

So, feel free to research and ask your favorite scientists and meteorologists -- and let me know what they have to say.

Feel free to photograph the Moon in each of its phases and send to us with the locale of the photo included..

We have yet to receive responses on this oddity from any of the scientists I've questioned, to include those at NASA.

Maybe the Mayans were on to something.