Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could Democrats be Tricky Dicks?

Former Obama campaign News Media Director (in five Primary states), Zachary Edwards, attempted to steal the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz to frame the GOP official in illegal activity.

Edwards was formally charged with "fraudulently using, or attempting to use the identity of Schultz in a scheme to falsely implicate Schultz in perceived unethical behavior while in office."

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But, why target a relatively invisible Republican in Iowa?

Turns out Schultz is pressing for a voting process reform, and wants to require voters to produce a picture ID when they arrive at the polls to vote.

His critics claim that such a requirement is unfair and discriminates against the poor and elderly who are less likely to have government-issued IDs.

Schultz, and others note that IDs are required for virtually any official interface with the government.  And the poor have to show picture IDs to get food stamps and Medicaid, and the elderly have to show their IDs to qualify for Medicare.  I would think they could use those same IDs at the polling booth.
Why Tom, you old hypocrite;
Karl Rove would be so  proud!

It turns out the Perp was employed by Link Strategies, contracted by that scion of morality,
Tom Harkin [IA-D].

 Link Strategy employees have a history of dirty campaign tricks -- including the secret taping of Harkin's GOP adversary's strategy meetings.

Although there is no conclusive linkage, it's been alleged that we may be witnessing an Emmanuel / Axelrod campaign strategy of Identity Theft at various levels.

In one case, conservative blogger's [John Hitchcock] website was hijacked with the perp posting strange blogs as Hitchcock. Of course, we certainly wouldn't believe that Rahm would stoop so low -- well, maybe bend over a bit .

Notably, this Identity Theft received virtually no coverage in the MSM.

 Can you imagine if Karl Rove had been caught doing such a nasty to a Democrat?  We'd be seeing it 24/7.

This incident is just a light-weight indicator of what's to come in the real  Presidential campaign.