Friday, December 23, 2011

$134 Billion in US Bonds Seized -- What's the Story?

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We learned recently that Fed had shipped $16 TRILLION off to Europe to bail out their banks.

Yet, we still have NO information on who got how much, or what they did with it; or, who authorized the transfer -- other than perhaps just Ben and Timmy.

We've gone from $1.4 Trillion, to $7 Trillion to $16 Trillion -- of unaccounted for funds being routed outside the country, without explanation.

In this Bloomberg story from 2009, we may have a clue as to how the money was being moved about.  In another video, the bonds themselves are visible; no close-ups, but seemingly credible.  The mystery remains as to why these bonds were being smuggled across the Italian border into Switzerland.

At the time of the bond seizure [July 2009], there was a flurry of coverage -- and nothing since then.   The US Government announced the bonds were fake; however, given disclosures in recent weeks, we find that announcement less than credible.

We'll try to track down "the rest of the story" for you.